The other day, I was grinding away at my Gatsby project until I had a painful epiphany: “I don’t want strings to be wrapped inside double quotes”.

The solution, of course, is to enable EsLint. Gatsby starters supports Eslint setup out of the box, so I thought it also covers…

Everything you wanted to know about redirects in Gatsby.js for optimal user experience

signpost with arrows pointing in several directions, against a sunset sky
Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash

So your website is running happily with Gatsby. However, like every digital product, it is bound to grow and evolve. One candidate for change that you probably don’t give much thought to is URL architecture.

A blog post that started out at a URL like may be redirected to…

Trang Le

A web developer who lives with poor internet and always thinks of a new way to improve your site speed by 0.1%. Love automation in any form.

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